5g and Future of IoT

5g and Future of IoT

With numerous IoT devices being used globally, huge amounts of data is getting generated and is only going to increase in the coming time. It is estimated that IoT device users will increase in multiple folds over time due to the wide usability and acceptance of IoT devices. This will generate large volumes of data that needs to be transferred over a network.


Telecom providers that offer 5G services can play a bigger role when IoT devices are more commonly used than now. With a higher spectrum and data handling capacity, 5G cellular services can facilitate the transfer of data faster than other generation services (e.g., 3G and 4G). The 5G spectrum increases the frequencies on which data can be transferred by digital cellular technologies. This results in the increase of overall bandwidth of cellular networks, which allows more IoT devices to connect.

With 5G’s user-centric architecture, telecom companies will depend on IoT sensors for service delivery, asset tracking, and data collection. By using 5G, IoT devices will help make the world an increasingly-connected society. IoT will be of prime importance in the telecom sector due to massive growth in data generation around the world. In addition, several job opportunities will be created in the telecom sector for harnessing (managing) the data generated by IoT devices.


If IoT devices are used around all major industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, government, and retail, 5G technology will become the most preferred connectivity option for these industries due to its features. 5G Ultra Wideband’s ultra-low latency improves the IoT functionality by improving augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), thereby enhancing the AR/VR experience.

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