BSS/OSS Infrastructure Implementation to Oracle Solution

BSS/OSS Infrastructure Implementation to Oracle Solution

BSS/OSS Infrastructure Implementation to Oracle Solution

To understand the implementation of OSS/BSS infrastructure to Oracle solution, one must understand what is OSS and BSS in telecom and what was the need for this implementation.

OSS stands for Operation Support System and controls, manages, and analyzes the network connections. 

BSS stands for Business Support System and focuses on business requirements and business-related operations such as receiving orders, payments, transactions, etc.

For any organization, when the sales order volume increases, there is a need for expanded BSS, and in order to manage it all, the requirement for expanded internal management increases as well. 

With the passing times, telecom service providers have become aware of the advantages that are provided by OSS and BSS and the extensions they can enable with them moving to the cloud.

Cloud-native approaches are gaining a lot of popularity which is leading more and more businesses to go for cloud adoption.

One thing about cloud integrations that make them highly lucrative is adaptation. By cloud integrations, CSPs can filter and move only certain features to the cloud rather than an entire infrastructure.

Similarly, only certain features can be upgraded rather than the entire infrastructure to accommodate the SaaS services which are beneficial to businesses and organizations.

Oracle provides organizations with the required service expansions.

This is why more and more companies are now embedding their OSS/BSS infrastructure to Oracle.

Oracle OSS/BSS benefits both service providers and customers. 

While it creates an ease of expansion for the service providers via BSS implementation, it also benefits customers by increasing traceability.

Increased user comfort will increase reliability and customer trust, which is indirectly beneficiary for businesses and organizations.

OSS implementation in Oracle helps you in simplifying industrial designs and technical implementations and testing the complexity of test cases that fits your business the best.

This helps businesses in improving their customer experience and, thus, keep themselves miles ahead of their competitors.

Oracle has redefined the telecom sector with its cloud infrastructure that is embedded on the organization’s cloud platform under the umbrella term “Oracle Cloud for Telcos” in 2022.

So far, this venture has proven itself successful by improving the organization’s performance by 50% and by reducing costs by 60%.

BSS/OSS Infrastructure Implementation to Oracle Solution

Covid-19 and OSS/BSS implementation

Covid-19 had adverse effects on economies and businesses. But the telecom industry is one of the sectors that play a crucial role in keeping organizations, businesses, and governments connected.

Since most of the people were working, studying, and operating from home, there was a surge in data traffic and volume. 

People were using digital means of communication to stay connected and informed. Escalating broadband services was yet another challenge faced by the telecom industries. 

Hence, robust connectivity and smooth services were the main customer expectation from these Telecom industry giants and associated organizations.

The OSS/BSS architecture is the backbone of the telecom sector, and thus, making it as advanced as possible was the primary aim of the industry.

There was also the air of 5G during the same times, due to which there was even more emphasis on expanding and modernizing the OSS and BSS infrastructure.

So, to keep up with the changing times and also to ensure end-to-end efficiency when it comes to the market and customer management, it was high time to look for options that provided a verge to the existing OSS/BSS solutions.


Since the advanced Oracle OSS/BSS transformed network systems by automating the business processes, increasing ROI, enabling better customer and revenue management, etc.

Thus, the advent of Covid-19 actually proved to be a beneficial aspect of the evolution of OSS/BSS services.


5G and Oracle OSS/BSS

5G is a growing industry and sure does need a lot of internal and external management.

Thus, the perfect balance and modernization of OSS and BSS is the only way to establish 5G as a whole.

Oracle OSS and BSS scale the network automation across multiple domains. 

Virtualized and cloud-native telecom infrastructure operational complexity can’t be managed without modernizing the conventional OSS and BSS.

Thus, in conclusion, OSS/BSS infrastructure implementation in Oracle solutions is the need of the hour. 

With the modernization and constant expansion of the industry, it is high time for organizations to adopt newer approaches to their conventional ways.

Oracle OSS/BSS is one such approach that helps you by enhancing your customer experience, market image, ROI, and much more.

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