Importance of Managed Services: 5 Reasons to partner with Teliolabs


Importance of Managed Services: 5 Reasons to partner with Teliolabs

Managed services are a hot topic in the market, especially with the advancing technologies and fast pacing world.

As the name suggested, these are services being managed. But what are these services, and why do we need to manage them?

This article will answer all your questions and provide you with insights into the market.

What are Managed Services?

Managed services can be defined as outsourcing services in simpler terms. 

It is a process of taking the help of a third party in accomplishing the tasks to streamline the IT tasks and save some time and money.

Organizations that provide managed services are known as Managed Service Providers(MSPs).

These MSPs are experts in their subjects and know how to get the work done effectively. 

You can understand managed services as the blocks that ultimately fit and forms an overall seamless process.

Benefits of Managed Services Model

The IT processes in the present are different and even more complex than they were a few years back. 

This sometimes makes the management of all the steps and processes altogether a little overwhelming, even for the industry pioneers.

This is where managed services come to the rescue.

One of the misconceptions around managed services is that it is only centered on big businesses with a heavy workload, while the truth is that it is for anyone ranging from big to small businesses.

Small businesses can heavily benefit from managed services as they can get their work done without having the need to hire extra employees and thus conserving their physical and financial resources in the best possible way.

Benefits of managed services:

Low cost: You can look for services that are within your budget, and you can adjust the financial bracket as per your needs and the market trends.

Scalability: Managed services are highly scalable. When you look out for managed services, you’d only prefer to take them from the best. 

People providing these services are termed MSPs and are highly proficient in their work. Hence, they can modify the services to fit your demands precisely as required.

Downtime reduction: Downtime occurs due to multiple reasons in organizations. It can be as simple as a power cut which can lead to the shutting down of all the systems and equipment.

This is prevented when you have a strong backup which is managed services in this case. MSPs also save you from cyber crimes as they are less vulnerable to attacks. 

You can also keep your MSP’s information private for increased security.


Expertise: MSPs are great at what they do. They manage a particular service from design to deployment, and hence, they are fully responsible for it.

If you hire a team, you can only know their capabilities when there is a hard time, and if they are not functional during that time, it will be a major failure for both business and resources.

Since MSPs already have testimonials that can be used to estimate their quality, you can easily pick out the best one for yourself!

Saves you from daily hassle: A business is much more than IT needs. In fact, IT services are a part of the business. 

Handing over this segment of work to a third party would provide you with more time to focus on your other important business needs.

New technological interface: Since MSPs handle various projects on a day-to-day basis, they also know well about the technical advancements in the market.

Hence, they always come up with something new and exciting.

What to look for in a Managed Services provider?

Managed Service Providers are the team of people that provide you with managed services. 

Here is a list of qualities that you need to look for in your potential MSP:

Defined agreements: The work and time setting should be very clear and agreed upon by both parties. There should be clear communication about all the work policies at the beginning itself.

You should feel at ease with the agreement.

Experience and Client Testimonials: Always look out for their experience in the industry. Also, their previous client testimonials will give you a fair idea about their expertise in a particular domain and work ethics.

Growth Mentality and Clean Work Ethics: The MSP that you are hiring for your services should be committed to the growth of your organization as well.  This will help them in bringing out the best in their work.

Also, make sure to understand their work ethics and thoroughly analyze if they sit well with your organization or not.

Discover the benefits of Managed Services with TelioLabs

TelioLabs provides you with managed services in different sectors such as OSS/BSS, SaaS, Cloud, and much more.

TelioLabs make sure to provide you with all the benefits of managed services and make it a worthwhile experience for you!

We are committed to the growth of our customers as much as they do, and hence, we always bring out the best in our services by collaborating with the big names in the industry.

So, if you are looking for an MSP that is all the above and beyond, contact us, and let’s grow together!

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