IoT: Trends and Beyond for 2021


IoT: Trends and Beyond for 2021

IoT, or the Internet of Things, has evolved gradually into the giant we are nurturing and picturing tomorrow. The wireless link of transferring internet-related and corresponding data has been booming for the past decade. According to the insights of DataProt, 2021 will witness around 10 billion IoT device functioning’s which is estimated to surpass by several billion by the end of this decade.

The advantages of IoT are being utilized to its full extent and developed beyond that. Marching forward with the sole goal of advancement, strings of IoT trends follow this 2021 (and for the future, too!).

The Blossoming 5G

The emergence of 5G technology, which upholds the promise of high data transmission speed and broader connectivity, can be made easier with IoT utilization. Especially in India that supposedly has to delay the incorporation of 5G to the full extent, the deferral can be reduced via the advancement of the IoT tech.

Suppose IoT can be deployed for ushering the growth of 5G- in that case, the issues of developing smart cities and environments, where the homes and spaces will have energy-efficient automated, voice-controlled devices, lighting and cooling systems, will be resolved as data connectivity losses could be easily combated.

Secure Spaces

Cyber attacks by malicious beings have been a prolonged headache for many IT companies and professionals. But seemingly, not anymore. IoT provides data security by monitoring all the tabs and cutting down the chances of intervention of hackers. While more comprehensive connectivity certainly poses the threat of more opportunities for hackers to crack in, IoT’s strong data security management shall slash down those attacks.

The Industrial Hike

The track record of IoT in improved data processing plays the ball in this arena as well.

Healthcare sectors are deploying the IoT technology for several purposes like record keeping, lessening the gap between unreachable areas with video-conferencing, and tracking the patient’s health during the havoc-wreaking Covid pandemic.

In workplaces, sanitizing and disinfecting are shouldered by the IoT tech that is massively used in robotics. The LG autonomous robot has been utilized for disinfecting in hospitals. There are also robots used in the airports to give directions to lost passengers in hotels and restaurants for cleaning purposes.

Power-packed with RPA, AI, and IoT, businesses like online shopping and retails, along with transportation benefits and insurance sectors, are spreading their wings wider.

Data Analytics

The Covid-19 pandemic has been and still is, distorting the world. However, the IoT has found its breakthrough via remote working environments because of the social distancing norms. It has also been widely used for processing data and strengthening cloud connectivity.

One of the recent and best examples of such is Aruba Networks, a Californian company that is a global leader in providing wireless networking solutions. It has boosted Aruba Central by injecting advanced IoT and AI capabilities in Aruba ESP. The newest cloud-based AI-powered analytical platform shall upgrade the performance of Aruba Central via smooth networking resolving without human advent.

According to Statista, in 2025, the number of IoT devices shall be around 75 billion, and data collected from the IoT devices is estimated to be 73 ZB. Sectors like healthcare, education, and insurance will have the highest IoT spending of around 12-15% each.

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