OSS or BSS: Which is most critical to 5G success?


OSS or BSS: Which is most critical to 5G success?

Let’s start with understanding what OSS and BSS are.

OSS stands for Operation Support System, and it is a software tool that is used for managing the operations of telephone/ communication networks for telecommunication service providers. 

Coming to BSS, BSS stands for Business Support System, and it is a software tool that is used in managing business operations and services.

To make the comparison simpler, OSS deals with the communication networks of an organization, while BSS deals with operations being performed within the organization. 

Since OSS deals with the communication interface of an organization, it is not customer-centric. It deals with the organization and the members associated with it.

It takes care of all the aspects related to communication within a telecommunication service provider.

It controls, manages, and analyzes the network connections. 

Thus, it is handled by the people present within the organization, i.e., the employees. The entire Operation Support System is handled by the backend team of an organization.

BSS, on the other hand, focuses on business requirements as well as business-related operations such as receiving orders, payments, transactions, etc.

Since it deals with business-related operations, it is customer-centric. It focuses especially on the wants and needs of the users.

It deals with making telecommunication businesses even more successful by monitoring and managing the business operations within the organization.

The business Support System is handled by the frontend staff of an organization who are professionals. 

They interact with the customers on a daily basis and deal with their demands efficiently. 

Co-dependency of OSS and BSS

Now that the difference between OSS and BSS is known, the next question is about their dependency on one another.

Consider two buildings, one of which is brilliantly designed and intricately architected but has been developed with poor material on the inside, and the other one has a strong foundation and good construction material used but has a poor exterior.

A customer would prefer none. 

Because while one is good on the front end, it lacks severely at the backend, and the other one that is amazing at the backend, doesn’t have an impressive front end.

For a while, however, one factor might overshadow the other, but it’s not going to be the case in the longer run.

Hence, it is important for the front end and back end to link when it comes to providing quality services. 

The same goes for the BSS and OSS; while one is directed toward the customers and takes care of their demands directly, the other one tries to create a better interface for the previous to take place efficiently.

OSS and BSS in 5G

According to popular opinions, a while ago, OSS was considered enough for an organization to function properly, but the advent of 5G brought up another story.

While OSS and BSS were individually important in their places, now it’s high time for them to work hand in hand for successful telecom industry.

So, there is an open debate on which is more important to 5G.

So, to put the debate to a mutual conclusion, let’s travel back to 5G and then connect OSS and BSS individually to it.

5G precisely focuses on making network connections faster to ensure better communication.

OSS is known to deal with network connections. As discussed, it controls, manages, and analyzes the network connections. 

Thus, making it crucial for 5G.

But there’s more to 5G communication than just network connections, and that is, the business operations that are embedded in it.

BSS takes care of that. 

5G is new to the market and has not established itself yet; thus, there is a lot that’s going behind the scenes for the telecom industry that is slowly trying to take a turn toward 5G.

There is a need for constant shifts from existing 2G, 3G, and 4G services and a change in conventional architecture.

Whenever any industry goes through such changes and drifts, the need for proper management and planning arises.

Thus, BSS becomes inevitably important in the current scenario.

While they are so important to 5G, there is also a need for change in the conventional OSS and BSS to fit the new industry standards. It can be seen more like an adaption to the new age than a change.

New technology also means newer ways, and that’s where this change comes in. 

OSS or BSS: Which is most critical to 5G success?     

This is open to debate, yet, both of them seem to be inevitably crucial for the development of 5G.

Moreover, there seems to be a need for mutual development of both.

It is also important for both OSS and BSS to have an inward inclination to serve the demands of the 5G industry.


Thus, in conclusion, both of them have an important role to play in the success of 5G; while one maintains how it performs for the customers, the other controls how it works in the market or, in simple terms, works for the industry.

There cannot be a clear winner in this situation; it is 5G that wins if OSS and BSS cheer loudly and clearly for it together.

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