Top 10 Benefits of Using OSS & BSS Solutions at Teliolabs


Top 10 Benefits of Using OSS & BSS Solutions at Teliolabs

Software testing has progressed at an astonishing rate, and business owners are no longer satisfied with the manual testing of their software products. In order to meet the challenging needs of these demanding customers, businesses are choosing to move towards Software testing as a Service. 

With the advent of software as a service (SaaS), companies are able to provide their users with the newest and best applications and software. However, one thing that can always be overlooked is how the company itself conducts its testing.

What is TAAS?

Software testing as a Service (STaaS) is an emerging technology that is quickly growing in popularity. STaaS is a model where software testing services are delivered as a subscription service. This allows organizations to outsource their software testing needs and reduce the time and resources needed to test their applications.

Automated process of testing

One of the benefits of using STaaS is that it allows organizations to scale their testing efforts according to their needs. Tests can be automated, which makes them faster and more accurate. Additionally, because tests are automated, they can be run on a continuous basis, which reduces the time needed for manual reviews. 

Quality and expert testers

Another benefit of using STaaS is that it provides a pool of qualified testers. Organizations can access a large pool of testers who are available on a recurring basis. This eliminates the need to find and hire new testers or train them on how to test software.

Types of software testing services

There are many different types of software testing services available through STaaS providers. Some services include full-stack testing, unit testing, regression testing, code reviews, performance tests, and security audits.

Select the right service provider

It’s important to choose the right type of service for your organization’s needs because not all services are suitable for every organization. There are several different providers of STaaS services worldwide.

What are the Benefits of TAAS?

Software testing as a service is often seen as a luxury for startups and high-tech companies, but that’s not always the case. Software testing can be a critical part of quality assurance and ensuring that your software meets customer specifications. The benefits of TAAS include the following:

Improved Quality Control

When you outsource software testing, you’re able to focus on other aspects of your business while someone else takes care of the tests. This allows you to improve your quality control and maintain an improved level of assurance in your software products.

Faster Cycle Times

By outsourcing your software testing, you can speed up the cycle times for new product releases. This means that you can get updates to your products to market faster, which can lead to increased sales and profits.

Reduced Costs

Outsourcing software testing means that you won’t have to spend as much money on staff salaries or equipment costs. This reduces the overall cost of development for your products.

Software Testing Services provided by TelioLabs?

TelioLabs offers a variety of software testing services that can meet your specific needs. They can perform manual or automated testing, depending on the type of application you are working on. 

Their testers are experienced in various programming languages so they can test both desktop and mobile applications. They also offer custom reports and tailored turnaround times, so you know exactly what is happening during the testing process. 

Their software testing services are affordable and easy to use, so you can get the quality assurance you need without any hassle. Contact them today to learn more about their comprehensive suite of software testing services.

Why Teliolabs for Software Testing as a Service?

Wide variety of services

Teliolabs provides software testing as a service (STaaS). The company’s goal is to make it easy for organizations of all sizes and industries to get the best quality software testing services. Teliolabs offers a variety of services, including automated software testing and manual testing.

End-to-end testing

The company also offers end-to-end testing software testing, which allows customers to schedule and conduct tests from start to end. Teliolabs also has a variety of tools and resources available to its users, including test cases, labs, and reporting tools.

Best practices and methodologies

Teliolabs is designed to make it easy for customers to get started with software testing. The company uses advanced and new methodologies for testing your service so that you can keep up with the dynamic business environment. In addition, Teliolabs has a customer forum where users can ask questions and share ideas.


Software testing as a service has become an essential requirement for industries because it helps to ensure the quality of software products. By using a testing service, organizations can increase the speed and accuracy of their software development process by automating manual processes. In addition, this reduces the risk of product failures and keeps businesses compliant with applicable regulations.

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