Why Do We Need An IoT Platform?


Why Do We Need An IoT Platform?

IoT, or Internet of Things, Platform is an intricate remote system that enables data collection, safe and secure connectivity of hardware, data networks, and provisions appropriate management of software. IoT is tasked with the facilitation of developers by enabling benevolent functioning of data visualization and other linking management to sponsor an automated environment.

IoT can be deemed as a ‘Middleman’ of the Internet or a ‘Middleware’ because of its property of serving as a connecting bridge between hardware and software. Several other benefits of IoT to know for developers as well as for business minds are enlisted as follows:

Strategic Marketing Weapon

IoT technology provides a smooth running of businesses. It helps in getting mass reach for them consequential to the large scale link it offers and brings the customers nearer to the sellers, further benefiting the enterprises.

Service providers and producers in business can collect more data remotely about their potential buyers. Vice versa, the customers also find it easier to know more about the services provided by the company via IoT.

Due to the comfortable access to all the managing protocols as it gets curated at a shared server or point, businesses feel satisfied at the clever simplicity of IoT.

Unification Of Data

IoT provides ease of management of data as it discards the scattered collection and haphazard storage system. It brings the network system together and coordinates within the system to reduce the need for an extensive external task force to segregate data.

IoT possesses strong connectivity capabilities that enhance the simplification of extraction. When IoT services get a central junction or a common point, it becomes equally accessible and easier for the customers to obtain information. Businesses on a massive industrial scale use the ‘Big Platform’ IoT system to receive the wide-coverage communication advantages from an availing source.

Safety and Security of IoT

The IoT security thwarts the cyberattacks on everything connected to the Internet and is a primal need of every professional IT company. It keeps track of the functioning of devices under it, blocks third-party advent by enabling end-to-end encryption, automatic updating and protects against computer viruses.

IoT has evolved itself to be an imperative component even in Blockchain Technology. It performs decentralization, provides the Internet’s safe services to various sources, and breaks the limitations.

Blockchain Tech, which keeps a record of all the transactions in the world with high security, when combined with IoT (BIoT), gives birth to an undeniably impossible and robust system to hack.

Cost Reduction

IoT abates the extra cost in an industry by saving the additional labour expenses. For performing mundane tasks or assessing situations, a person had to be present physically with no guarantee that the work would be done accurately. The human effort to monitor has been taken over by automation, detailing with complete accuracy of management, saving both money and time.

The integrity of IoT has been celebrated worldwide now. As of 2021, the global revenue of IoT has been calculated as $212 billion, with Google Home being the largest market for it (48%). There is also said to be around 35 billion installations of IoT devices in 2021.

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