Digital BSS for Cloud 5G for Top Japanese e-Commerce Company

BSS Design and Implementation for the implementation of the first cloud 5G project in ISP CRM

Project Description

The client is Japanese electronic commerce and online retailing company based in Tokyo.

They aim not only to offer its customers convenient and easy-to-use communications services but also to revolutionize the way people live and work in the 5G era.

Business Objective

The client selected Mavenir’s BSS B2C solution to provide customer management, subscriptions, and billing services to support its ISP line of business. Further, they integrated with Web OLSU (Online Sign Up), Shop OLSU and eCare portals, payment channels, Zadara, SO Server, and Arteria. The objective is the implementation of the first cloud 5G project in ISP CRM high-speed internet in the world.


Key business benefits delivered by Teliolabs

  • Teliolabs was involved in the B2C ISP low-level Design.
  • Provides solution document to the development team.
  • Interaction with clients and helps in getting clarity on the user stories (Business Requirements).
  • Working and providing design on CRM and functional product catalog modules.

Values Delivered

  • Designed to meet the customers’ needs.
  • Providing solutions on the business requirements
  • Automation and productivity boost and respond to the changes faster and better.


Makes automation and processes faster and boosts productivity, which ensures that the changes are incorporated better and faster.



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