Marketing Automation &CDP for a Key Telecom Service Provider

Marketing Automation and CDP for Telecom service provider

Project Description

The client is the principal telecommunications company in Bahrain providing services for mobile users through UMTS and LTE. Residential Internet through ADSL, Wireless (4G/5G), or FTTH services.

Business Objective

The business objective is to provide real-time Customer Value Management for providing offers through campaigns to prepaid, postpaid, and broadband customers. To perform more device-related, network-related, geo-location-related, and on-demand video-related campaigns. They further wanted to send out notifications to their customers about their unconditional and conditional campaigns.


Key business benefits delivered by Teliolabs

Teliolabs was involved in implementing the Customer Value Management System involving:

  • RT-Data Transformation
  • Closed Loop Campaign Management Solution
  • Business Handholding and Technical Support

Value Delivered

  • Real-time customers’ connection on their preferred channel
  • Implementing solutions on the business requirements for contextual marketing and better customer engagement
  • Providing analytical reports of the campaigns’ performance

Key Achievement

  • 2 Billion ++ Transactions in real-time across 60 different data sources​
  • 25 Million Customer Offers being tracked at any point in time on Sift


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