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Breaking Down Barriers: How DevSecOps Fosters Collaboration and Security.

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Challenges you might face without DevOps Integration

Without continuous integration, the process of testing code can increase the manual work, hence keeping the software engineers engaged for tasks that should be otherwise automated.

Separate silos of development and operation teams can result in needless extended development and operations cycles.

Deployment failures may occur due to programming defects like prolonged code releases, in turn increasing rollbacks and time to recover.

Disintegrated teams offer less productivity and innovations. The cycle of ‘turning over’ the application of operations and waiting to see what happens reduces efficiency.

 More manual work increases the need for IT staff. Without DevOps integration, approximately 35% more IT staff and costs are required.

How can Teliolabs help?

  • Drastically increase the speed of your development and release cycles.
  • Make more reliable builds for your projects.
  • Improved security by automating compliance practices.
  • Shorter turnarounds for fixing bugs and adding new features.
  • Increased scalability for your software infrastructure and other applications.

Key Business Benefits

  • Improved Agility in software development 
  • Increased velocity for development and deployment stages
  • Better coordination of development, operations, and other teams
  • Balance between providing stability and adding new features 
  • Reliable delivery of your services 
  • Better usability and customer satisfaction 
  • Automated continuous integration and continuous delivery 
  • Lesser bottlenecks in the development process 
  • Scope of innovation and improvement

Get diverse benefits of DevOps for your business, regardless of the size and sector with Teliolabs.

Why consider cloud-native applications?

Affordable and Reasonable

  • It costs way less than hiring a full IT department to handle and manage data.


  • There is no requirement of having additional skilled staff.
  • Reduction of error-prone.

Computing on-Demand

  • There is no need to wait for months or days to get the data
  • Resource Adjustable


  • Auto Scaling to manage resource
  • You maintain optimal application performance.

Quick and Self Access

  • It Provide a catalogue to the team for easily accessing all the apps and components.

Pricing is based on consumption

  • Need to pay only for those services and components that we need

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We apply principles throughout each phase of your software development cycle to maintain alignment, quality, and velocity.

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