The world of vehicle fuel is rapidly evolving. The new emerging markets are all up for electric vehicles and in setting up EV charging stations occupying its space for both individual and commercial vehicles. As the demand for EV charging stations is growing, there is an equal need and urgency for a solution to manage various aspects of the EV business and run it uncomplicated for EVC station owners.Rikarica presents an end-to-end solution to manage your EV charging stations.

Our services cover 3 major sections

1. Operations Management Platform: The cloud-based platform manages charging operations, power management, and automated charging either at home, public charging, or for EV vehicle fleet owners.

Key features

2. Operative Analytics Platform: Rikarica is built on open standards using OCCP and is powered with secure architecture ensuring data safety. It helps in collecting the required data for deep analysis to take appropriate business decision for putting future stations.

Key features

3.EV driver application: You can easily locate, charge, and pay on the move.

Key features




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