Industrial IoT and

In this webinar, the two industry experts will be in conversation over how Industrial IoT and Analytics, is becoming more central to the operations and decision-making of companies across various domains.


Today, digital interconnectedness is taking place at a rapid pace. The quality of digitization will be one of the most important differentiating parameters in modern companies. Industrial IoT helps in generating huge data from intelligent devices and appliances across different industries, whereas meaningful insights can be derived through robust analytics.


Through this webinar, we will also reinforce, how the opportunities presented in the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution can be tapped with improved analytics and standards of production.


We hope, you’ll kindly spare some time and join us for the webinar.

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    Date : 27th July 2021
    Time: 2 PM to 2:45 PM (IST)


    Hitendra Uppal

    MD & CEO, San Telequip Pvt. Ltd

    Jeevan Pandey

    Chief Technology Officer, Teliolabs

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