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Industrialize ML capabilities using MLOps

Machine Learning has a potential to unlock the immense untapped value across various industries and domains like Telecom, Healthcare, Banking, Digital Marketing to name a few.

Enterprise ML model industrialization comprises of Building, Training and Deployment. The traditional long-drawn process of deployment and training of ML model can be made faster and smoother by using MLOps.

In this webinar, the three industry experts in their conversation will discuss:


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    Date : 24/08/21
    Time: 11 AM - 11.45 AM PST/2 PM - 2.45 PM EST


    Jeevan Pandey

    Chief Technology Officer, Teliolabs

    Oshima Bajaj

    Leader - Customer Data Platform and AI, Teliolabs

    Kishore Thota

    Cloud and DevOps Thought Leader

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