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Ionotical offers IoT asset life cycle management. It adds value through an efficient tracking of the connected assets.

Ionotical solves the challenges of IoT assets’ monitoring and management with the following:

•  Better asset inventory management improves the management of both material and non-material assets of the organisation through the maintenance of an updated record.

•  Improved off-site service saves the cost of operation by reducing the need for on-site visits and dynamically resolves issues in service.

•  A deeper understanding of the operations of both the asset and the facility.

•  Analyses possible future defects and non-routine circumstances which help in cutting down unplanned service outages.

•  Programmed notifications improve operating remotely by reducing the time for responding to the issues and providing informative alerts.




Ionotical Platform- Powering Smart Enterprises.

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Monitoring and managing the charging stations and locations

Web-based Control Panel to manage customer and partner relations, billing and payments ,stats and reports

Tariff Management – Different fees could be applied during charging and for parking after charging is complete

Payments & billing – Accept payments from customers, generate receipts and reports

Business Intelligence – Monitor network activity in real time and export historical data

Our strength resides in multiple areas from designing, deploying, testing to operating Telecom & IoT solutions.

We build IoT solutions that seamlessly integrate with the OSS/BSS application stack of Communications Service Providers (CSPs) with IoT service operations. By leveraging Oracle and custom bespoke technologies, we provide a bouquet of services including telecom analytics, infrastructure management, billing, testing (device, connectivity), managed services etc that accelerate the launch of IoT solutions for consumers and enterprises. 

Teliolabs Offerings

Network SME Support

Program Governance Support

SDLC Support




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