Teliolabs i-Vault Platform is a technology-agnostic platform powered with secured and robust architecture that successfully corroborates human and digital infrastructure to provide intuitive dashboards. The platform can be deployed on the cloud as well as on-premises and, has the capability to process data from heterogeneous, multi-vendors smart systems into a unified dashboard, thereby providing the ability to design and execute the cross-system end-to-end use cases.


Predictive Analysis
Automated SOP’s
IoT Gateway
Digital Asset Management
Inventory Management
IoT Gateway
IoT Device Management
DOB Services
Data Enrichment

Think Solution

Configurable orchestrated SOP's for management, process optimization & proactive planning.

Integrates heterogeneous IoT networks.

Vendor, technology, and cloud-agnostic.

Support for the IoT/legacy protocols to connect IoT devices.

Aggregates and processes data from various sources into a unified dashboard.

Insight and Foresight decision analytics.

Telecom IoT