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Customer Data Platform and Marketing Automation

CDP is a packaged software that creates a comprehensive database to analyze, track, and manage customer interactions accessible by other systems. Capture customer data from every customer platform, consolidate their data into centralized profiles, and connect that data to the right tools to help your business grow. All of this is possible by the Customer data platform. Marketing automation handles routine marketing tasks by reducing human interaction, streamlining the explosion of data that is being collected, and putting it into work.
Our Thought Process

Challenges you might face without CDP integration


Every business wants to know about their customers as much as possible, which is possible only through data. But there are many challenges your business might face for targeting the right way –

  1. Lack of omnichannel awareness – Tools may only be aware of what is happening in the channels they manage, while a customer may also interact via other mediums like a call center, offline visit, and more.
  2. Reaction with real-time data – Many tools may not always act on real-time data in cases where speed and volume of data can outpace the marketing automation setup rendering data unactionable.
  3. Managing MAP – Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) isn’t easily manageable. There is a scarcity of technical resources to pull the necessary data into MAP. 
  4. Data Silos – Businesses can scale up too quickly to sufficiently manage or share data, hence creating data silos that can slow the productivity of your organization.
  5. First-Party Data maintenance – Maintaining accuracy while collecting first-party data can become difficult while there are a lot of data flowing around.

Key Business Benefits of CDP in marketing automation

  • 360 Degree views of the customer data – helps in identifying the target audience. 
  • CDP helps to provide near real-time and insightful data analytics to provide relevant offers to each segment and individual customer. 
  • Improve your target audiences’ data privacy and protection. 
  • Enriches your A/B testing campaigns. Measure your campaign performance in a simulated environment. 
  • Helps in content personalization. 
  • Improves your digital marketing ROIs. 
  • Makes customer journey mapping easier. 

CDP can be a game-changer for your business marketing automations. 

Teliolabs can help to formulate intelligent data-driven marketing campaigns. Contact us today.


How can Teliolabs help?

Customer Data Platform is the answer to all of the above challenges faced in your marketing automation. Marketing and CDP go hand-in-hand. Teliolabs helps by 

  • Providing you real-time customer value management. 
  • Closed-loop campaign management solutions.
  • Business handholding and technical support. 
  • Real-time data transformation.
  • Building an omnichannel approach for your business needs. 
  • Personalization and Industry-specific solutions. 

We deliver the immediacy and accuracy that are needed to take your marketing to the next level.

Our marketing automation platforms can help you to automate workflows, develop new analytical models, build IT automation, and more with our uniquely crafted services.

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