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IoT Services

Our services and solutions will help you collect data from objects and use it for process automation and business intelligence. Teliolabs will help you drive value-centered IoT solutions and help you set pipelines for that. Be it livestock farms, inventories, asset management solutions, or EV charging; we provide services across the entire spectrum.

IOT Strategy

  • Advisory services focusing on the digital transformation and improvising business processes 
  • Generate ongoing revenue streams from selling services to support connected products
  • Get access to qualitative analysis and insights into the emerging IoT landscape 

IOT Application Development

Leverage the power of comprehensive roadmaps and enjoy seemlessly,

  • Data acquisition
  • Data processing
  • Data storage
  • Data transmission

IOT Data Science & Analytics

  • Reduce maintenance costs and equipment failures
  • Improve customer experiences and staff productivity
  • Ensure data protection and prevent the exploitation or loss of data

IOT Implementation & Support

  • Set your core business objectives using IoT
  • Research tested IoT use cases 
  • Seamless prototyping and implementing
  • Leverage the power of cold and hot analytics
Our Thought Process

Challenges you might face without IoT implementation

Enterprises and small businesses often find it challenging to link all data and process it effectively. Moreover, the lack of technology standards to make all connected devices analyze and understand each other lead to added work and data privacy threats. Some other challenges include: 

  • Lack of productivity and unorganized human labor
  • Poor operational efficiency 
  • Nonoptimal use of resources and assets
  • Poor work safety measures 
  • Lack of innovative marketing and business development
  • Poor customer service and retention

Key Business Benefits

Teliolabs provides you with end-to-end solutions across the entire IoT segment. Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to: 

  • Improved productivity and reduced human labor
  • Advanced marketing and business development
  • Improved customer service and retention
  • Access to business opportunities
  • Improved brand reputation 
  • Efficient operation management
  • Optimal use of resources and assets
  • Cost-effective operations
  • Improved work safety

What Are You Missing Out?

If your business is still wary about implementing IoT services, you are missing out on a lot. Here are some things that will help you realize the importance of IoT:

  • IoT will drive productivity and efficiency, unlock new revenue opportunities, develop customer-centric solutions, and make way for new services.
  • IoT will help you set real-world benchmarks and extract the true value across the organization.
  • Set development standards and create real-world use cases, insights, and value.
  • Achieve top-down implementation and flexible methods of working
  • Technological expertise right at your screen

Yes, you are missing out on all these things. So, it is time you connect with our experts to know more!


How can Teliolabs help?

Teliolabs has worked with businesses across the globe to build a customer-centric IoT application strategy. Our IoT experts follow a coherent roadmap and help you with: 

  • Analyze your business processes
  • Understand your end-goals
  • Propose a strategy that best meets your needs and delivers high ROI

Our team leverages its extensive expertise across the entire IoT tech stack to build world-class IoT applications at a rapid pace. We carefully chose the hardware and software to deliver high performance, interoperability, scalability, and robust security.

A few specific use cases of our IoT analytics include –

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Device management & maintenance
  • Telecom Network Management
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