Leverage the Power of OSS to Make Waves Across the Telecom Sector

Open Source OSS Solutions

Teliolabs' state-of-art offering for the Telecom industry open-source solutions makes it super smooth for you to migrate from legacy OSS stacks to modern and IP/SDN cloud networks. Fortunately, we work in both legacy OSS and modern NFV/SDN networks with top-notch architecture support. Yes, legacy systems will easy to work lag when it comes to achieving high performance. Luckily with Teliolabs, you can achieve superlative services across the Telecom sector and take your business on a new level altogether.
Our Thought Process

Challenges you might face without Open Source OSS implementation

Operations support systems (OSS) help you manage your networks, inventory, service provisioning, network configuration, and fault management. Together with business support systems (BSS), they can support various end-to-end telecommunication services. But, if you are not using the right open-source OSS solutions, you are missing out on a lot of things:

  • Freedom and Flexibility
    Open Source OSS solutions help you achieve freedom and flexibility, which is not possible with legacy systems. 
  • High-Quality
    Open-source OSS solutions provide high-quality services and help you maintain the same standards across the organization. 
  • Exponentially Lower Costs
    Open-source OSS solutions are low in cost and will help you save a lot of business expenses. 
  • Top-Notch Security
    Cyber threats are a common thing. With top-notch security methods, you will be at ease and able to focus on core business issues. 

With all these benefits at your desk, the choice is yours if you wish to continue with legacy systems or integrate them with OSS solutions.


What Are You Missing Out?

While easy to use, legacy systems can create a lot of havoc with customers. You will need to coordinate a lot and configure a lot of processes manually. Moreover, if procedures are lengthy, you will not be able to satisfy customers, and this can lead to huge business losses, and you surely don’t want that. We help you link OSS systems and leverage the platform to serve customers better.

Key Business Benefits of Open Source OSS Solutions

With Teliolabs you can look forward to the following benefits: 

  • 10x flexibility and agility 
  • Faster implementations 
  • Reduced cost and commercial support 
  • Start faster with community versions 
  • Increases responsiveness and top-notch security 
  • Shared maintenance costs 

Get Access to End-to-End Solutions Using Teliolabs and migrate from legacy OSS stacks to modern and IP/SDN cloud networks.

How can Teliolabs help?

Many OSS systems are not linked to each other and need manual intervention. For example, if a customer wants to order a new telephone service, the system would take the customer’s details and details of their order. However, the system would not be able to configure the telephone exchange directly. This would be done with a switch management system.

So, you will need to transfer the data from the order handling system, then transfer it to the switch management system. This would require a technician to intervene and re-key all the details. This process is known as “Swivel Chair Integration.”

Teliolabs addresses these efficiencies with automated interfaces between the OSS applications—OSS integration. Affordable and simple OSS integration continues to be the goal of most telecom companies.

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