Leverage Secure and Scalable Solutions for Lion Identification

SIMBA – Software with Intelligent Marking-Based Identification

SIMBA is a cloud-based platform that is secure and scalable. You can scan the image of the animal, say a lion, and you will be able to identify the details from the database. What if you could get access to an AI-enabled system to recognize wildlife animals using their pictures. SIMBA is a cloud-based platform that is secure and scalable.

Challenges Faced in Lion Identification

Lion conservation is a pertinent issue. While there are multiple methods to identify lions, they are prone to errors. Data duplication and redundant methods can lead to incorrect data and hamper wildlife conservation initiatives.

SIMBA is a non-invasive Computer Vision software that recognizes each individual Animal and maintains their automated Count, gender-wise distribution, location last spotted, life status, veterinary history, and more. SIMBA is a cloud-based platform that is secure and scalable. It can be deployed on Premises as well. Here are some things we do: 


  • Lion Face Detection
    We create models to localize lion faces and create a bounding box around them.

  • Face Parts Detection
    We identify left and right whiskers, nose, ears, face orientation, and 16 other face parts along with their orientation.

  • Checking Face Similarity
    Using the face similarity model, identify the top 5 similar-looking faces from the database.

  • Whisker Similarity
    We have a model to help you identify whisker similarities among shortlisted photos.

  • Auto-Learning
    The face identification model will be self-dependent and will learn from model mistakes. You can easily onboard a database for a new lion by adding 3-4 photos of the new lion. 

  • Provides Probability
    Our solution also provides you with an enhanced probability of correct identification.

What Are You Missing Out ?

You are missing out if you are not using SIMBA. 

Lion Recognition with Artificial Intelligence

  • Wasted time on identifying lions 
  • Lengthy procedures to identify each specific loan 
  • Limited patterns of identifying lions

Accurate and Automated Lion Counting

  • No access to reporting, alerting, and notifications
  • Disparate data and no access to organized data

How can Teliolabs help?

Here is how Teliolabs is solving lion identification problems with SIMBA.

Allow users to upload photos and generate lion tags

  • You need to upload the photo of a lion
  • SIMBA will show the name of the lion and the probability of the name being correct
  • Generate face tags by localized parts of the face & their orientation
  • Additional options like long, lat, age and other parameters are provided to the user.

Generate an Identification Card for Each Lion

  • A Lion Identification card is created for each unique lion
  • Apart from the name, you will get auto-generated tags in photos
  • Additional user tags will also be captured on the identification card
  • All relevant face parts will also be shown on the lion identification card

Allow users to edit metadata of the Lion

  • Users can override and update the Lion metadata
  • You will have multiple options to override model predictions and upload the lion photographs.

Provide an option to predict a batch of images

  • The capability to make predictions on a batch of images will also be provided
  • Users can edit lion metadata generated from model predictions.

Interactive table to filter by Lion name, body parts, etc.

  • You will get access to interactive tables for the lion database
  • Users can filter photos by lion name or filter photos by specific body parts
  • Users can get complete details for that particular photo of a lion

Leverage the power of innovative lion identification methods with Teliolabs.

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