Testing as a service - providing scalability for your traditional testing environments


Testing as a service is an outsourcing model. A service provider, rather than an employee, provides testing services giving a better edge over the traditional testing methods. The most significant advantage of using TAAS is that it is a cloud-based delivery model where enterprises, big or small, don’t have to worry about free space for servers. It involves engaging consultants to advise and help employees with specialized testing projects that may otherwise take longer than usual to complete.
Our Thought Process

Challenges you might face without opting for TAAS models

  • Increased costs – Without TAAS models, you need investments for setting up servers, tools, operating systems, and other resources.

  • Possibility of duplication rework and issues – Less or no collaboration with centralized cloud resources eliminates unified working procedures.

  • Delayed time to market – Premise testing can cause project delays and increased costs because of limited access to services, tools, and programs.

  • Decreased scalability – In-house testing can’t increase the capacity threshold for your users to suit agile and DevOps demands.

  • Errors of inaccurate configurations – With no standardized infrastructure, there are more errors of inaccurate configurations, which ultimately drives less efficiency.

Key business benefits

  • Saves extra overhead costs for multiple requirements, test use cases, upfront investments, and maintenance fees. 
  • Inspires customer satisfaction and confidence because of prior quality assurance investments. 
  • Improves software security and customer trust. 
  • Centralized test environment with a standardized software library and test suites. 
  • Reduces the burden of remote maintenance. 
  • High flexibility of TAAS providers. 
  • Data integrity by performing tests in closed environments. 
  • TAAS offerings can be adjusted as per the company size and needs. 

We understand and consult you as per your business needs and offer solutions as per your unique business infrastructure. Get customer satisfactory testing services today with Teliolabs.

How can Teliolabs help?

Teliolabs offers TAAS to cater to the on-demand testing capacity of your customer’s need for the ever-evolving software industry and its demand for complex software needs. 

  • We help you avoid over infrastructure costs. 
  • Provides unbiased testers with business domain knowledge. 
  • Application diagnostics and monitoring. 
  • End-to-end testing offerings from test planning to optimize. 
  • Catering testing services to all industries. 

Teliolabs provides the industry best practices and methodologies that result in higher productivity in your development process. We aim to provide unique testing methodologies to make your entire SDLC process smooth and seamless. 

While working with Teliolabs, your team can afford to focus on the product and other procedures. Your customers experience the service at its best. 

We keep your users in mind and focus on what’s important. We work on the principle of reduced costs and quick ROI.

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