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Is What? Sets us apart from the competition.

Our team of thought leaders embrace “unity in diversity and inclusion” philosophically and apparently support it because its benefits cannot be disputed and it’s just the right thing to do. We at TelioLabs enabling tomorrow’s 5G ecosystem services to take bold actions today.

Challenges to decrypt

The telecom industry is dealing with great challenges such as high penetration, limited network capacity, net neutrality regulations and severe competition from OTT business models. As a result, “Communication Service Provider” (CSPs) in the consumer segment is losing out on market share due to price wars. They need the agility of open OSS solutions to roll out new use cases.

Powered with strong experience in implementing Oracle, OSS & BSS solutions, TelioLabs experts are helping the enterprise segment to change their business model from CSP to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to earn maximum profit margins. Our BSS/OSS empower CSPs to improve business, technology and operational efficiency with a focus in service orchestration, provisioning & activation, inventory management,  synchronization & discovery.

We believe there is value in developing global partnerships to help deliver a more comprehensive set of commercial offerings to our customers. Together with our global scale, skills, consulting, and systems integration expertise, we are transforming the operator’s OSS/BSS solutions and enabling communication service providers to become more cost-efficient and agile.

Simply Untangling Thought Leadership

TelioLabs is one of the key vendors in India that offers end-to-end OSS/BSS solutions, scalable support models to enhance your core business value by uplifting enterprise service levels, knowledge and security by reasonably minimizing the cost. Our thought leadership position in the critical network, OSS focus areas and communication affiliates help you to extend the scope and depth of amalgamates MetaSolv’s Solution Architecture, OSS assets with Oracle‘s BSS/CRM solution.

We hold a strong command in implementing Oracle communications best industrial design, development, implementation and testing services on Oracle OSS solution to meet the unique demands of your business. We help you to improve your CX and digital transformation for the 5G era by subscribing to a complete SaaS platform, designed for the communications and media industries.

Our knowledge of the Oracle communications solutions brings quicker implementations and better return of Investment on the Oracle communications stack.

Get in the Game! We are raising the bar for you!

TelioLabs is fuelled with disruptive offerings and innovation in business-model with real-time charging and rating for an enhanced BSS. Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) offerings from TelioLabs provides you the complete end-to-end solutions for managing revenue, reinforce key business support system. We have a strong pool of BSS resources bringing their billing experience and enterprise expertise to get more from the OOB features of the Oracle billing solutions.

TelioLabs have successfully completed 20+ implementations of Oracle OSS & BSS Solutions across the globe and have the best project management capabilities to implement the complex projects in the Onshore-Offshore model. We bring the blend of Oracle product expertise, our decades of telecom domain experience and the new age technology such as AI, ML and Data Science to offer digital solutions to Telco/Communications enterprises across the globe.

We have a high level of expertise in design, implementation, support & managed services on Telecom OSS/BSS solutions:

TelioLabs offerings in Oracle Communications OSS & BSS:
TelioLabs Solutions on Oracle Communications OSS & BSS:

Oracle MetaSolv

Project Migration Scope



Upgrade Approach - MSS 6.2.1.x to 6.3.x



Benefits Of MSS On Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


Customer can increase or decrease their hardware resource allocation and spend as they require.

Cost Reduction/Efficiency

Initial investment for hardware is extremely high in case of an on-premise infrastructure. By using cloud infrastructure, customer will not have to spend huge amounts of money on purchasing and maintaining hardware.

Internal IT Resources

Substantial savings in terms of internal IT resources to manage the on-premise hardware.


The cloud belongs to a single client. Hence, the infrastructure and systems can be configured to provide high levels of security.


Compliance is achieved easily in private clouds.




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