Software Having Artificial-intelligence & Research-based Databank Used for Lion Identification (SHARDUL)

AI enabled system to recognize various wildlife animals using their pictures. Cloud platform based secured and scalable application helpful in wildlife conservation. You can Scan the image of the lion and by using AI the lion details can be identified from the data base.

It’s a very easy and advanced solutions for identifying Lions and maintaining their information.

Allow user to upload a photo & Auto-generate lion tags

Generate Identification Card for Each Lion uploaded (Photo)

Allow user to edit metadata of the Lion (GIF)

Provide option to do prediction on a Batch of images

Interactive table to filter By Lion name, body parts etc.

Extract long, lat values if Exif data is available on the Image

Auto-generate tags

Rich Metadata

Interactive tables

Similar Lions

Editable Metadata

SHARDUL - Technical capability

Lion Face Detection

Model to localize lion face and create bounding box around it

Lion Face parts detection

Identify face, left whisker, right whisker, ears, nose, face orientaion and 16 other face parts along with their orientation

Face Similarity

Identify top 5 similar looking faces from database using face similarity model

Whisker Similarity

Model to get whisker similarity among shortlisted photos

Multi-feature similarity model

Use both face similarity and whisker similarity together to create a high performing model


Face Identification model will auto-learn from model mistakes. New lions can be on boarded by adding a 3-4 photos of the new lion.

Provides Probability

Along with identification, application also provides the probability of identification being correct

Multi-lion detection

Model can work on images where we have multiple lions in a single image


(>90 percent accuracy) - High performing model for Lion Identification

Training the Model

Consider Ageing
Best Image adaption

Inventory Management

Storage of the Images
Security of the confidential Data


Profile Management


Separate branding
Portal Skinning
URL routing

Data Logs

Integration to Dashboard

User Access Management

Roles, Profiles
Operator access

Generate Reports

Count Statistics
Historical Count
Inventory Report

Technologies used


Deep learning - Keras, Open CV, Python, CNN

Front end










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