“Have you built a system for your daily operational needs? 

Are your IoT devices working properly and many other niggling worries tend to bug CTO’s. At Teliolabs we sweep away your concerns by providing a full suite of testing services (TaaS) for every kind of business with any need.

TaaS is one of the most important parts of the software development process in both DevOps and Agile development processes, it adds value in improving the product/services while meeting the business needs. TaaS comes in handy for organizations when there is a need to speed up and scale up the delivery Teliolabs provides both cloud-based and on-site solutions, thus helping small and medium scale enterprises to save on space and taking away the need for bigger tester groups.


Unit testing, Integration testing, User acceptance testing, system testing, Performance & benchmark testing, Load testing, Regression testing are some of the basic test services that are provided at Teliolabs to deliver a quick solution for businesses. It helps in creating, prequalified testing standards for improved replicability of tests while deriving desirable inferences. At the same time, it helps cost optimization, bug detection and redressal, heightened reliability & dependability.


At Teliolabs one can expect the product buildup while considering the 5P’s from the very beginning of the development process, regular interactions with client for desired outcomes, a 360-degree solutions approach that includes, ingrained efficient measures, a good testing environment, and project management.


At Teliolabs one can expect the following




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