Teliolabs’ one of the core areas of expertise is in Telcom. We are uniquely positioned to deliver MLOps in the telecom-related domain. We also provide customizable and deployable solutions for AI and ML in telecom organizations


Through ML, the telecom towers can communicate with the control room about the possible snag. Addressing such issues in time will help in improving the service as well as reduce the attrition of the users. Thus, network automation and optimization along with preventive maintenance are two important additions that ML is bringing to the telecom industry.

ML is also useful in trying to resolve some long-standing issues with telecom. Some of them are, inability to process large volumes of data, poor standards of virtual assistance, congestion and delay due to heavy traffic, the need for increased bandwidth, etc. As we are moving towards 5G adoption, theMLops will become an important distinguishing factor for telecom companies

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