AI Enabled IoT Management - Webinar

The APAC market for IoT is expected to reach $425+ Billion by 2025. The IoT devices/platforms mainly help in improving the interaction of the user with the internet and generating data. The rapid advances in AI have exponentially increased the capacity to process and analyze large volumes of data.

The convergence of AI with IoT devices/platforms provides an opportunity to tap into its limitless potential as well as enables more informed decision making for the organizations as well as the individuals.

Industrial IoT and Analytics - Webinar

Today, digital interconnectedness is taking place at a rapid pace. The quality of digitization will be one of the most important differentiating parameters in modern companies. Industrial IoT helps in generating huge data from intelligent devices and appliances across different industries, whereas meaningful insights can be derived through robust analytics.

Through this webinar, we will also reinforce, how the opportunities presented in the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution can be tapped with improved analytics and standards of production.


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