AI Enabled IoT Management - Webinar

The APAC market for IoT is expected to reach $425+ Billion by 2025. The IoT devices/platforms mainly help in improving the interaction of the user with the internet and generating data. The rapid advances in AI have exponentially increased the capacity to process and analyze large volumes of data.

The convergence of AI with IoT devices/platforms provides an opportunity to tap into its limitless potential as well as enables more informed decision making for the organizations as well as the individuals.

Industrial IoT and Analytics - Webinar

Today, digital interconnectedness is taking place at a rapid pace. The quality of digitization will be one of the most important differentiating parameters in modern companies. Industrial IoT helps in generating huge data from intelligent devices and appliances across different industries, whereas meaningful insights can be derived through robust analytics.

Through this webinar, we will also reinforce, how the opportunities presented in the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution can be tapped with improved analytics and standards of production.

How 5G Technology will revolutionize Digital Economy in India? – Webinar 

5G is knocking on the door and we are ready to welcome it. It is the fifth-generation mobile network designed to deliver reliable connectivity to mobile users and connected devices over high-band spectrum at speeds between 10 and 20 Gbps.  The three unique key features of 5G are eMBB, URLLC and mMTC, which help digitalization the industry like healthcare, automobile, gaming, agriculture, media, etc 

 Through this webinar, we will reinforce, Collaboration work in 5G , helping hand with technology, barriers in 5G and many more.

5G for industrial applications– Potential and challenges - Webinar 

5G technology holds significant potential for transforming industrial applications by enabling new levels of automation, efficiency, and productivity.Its high-speed connectivity, low latency, and high reliability can support a range of industrial use cases, from remote monitoring and predictive maintenance to real-time control and augmented reality. However, there are also challenges to implementing 5G in industrial settings, including the need for new infrastructure, ensuring security and privacy, and addressing concerns about the impact of 5G on jobs and the workforce.
Overall, 5G technology has the potential to revolutionize industrial applications, but careful planning and consideration of these challenges will be necessary for successful implementation.

Building a DevOps Culture Strategies for Success

DevOps is a culture that combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) to deliver applications and services at high speed. In order to succeed with DevOps, organizations need to establish a culture of collaboration, automation, and continuous improvement.

Building a successful DevOps culture requires a combination of technical and cultural strategies. By establishing clear goals, fostering collaboration, automating processes, and embracing a culture of experimentation, organizations can build a culture that promotes innovation, continuous improvement, and high-speed delivery of applications and services.


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